Insurance Commission's Recruitment Policies
  1. Applicants must meet the minimum Qualification Standards (QS) of the vacant position/s.

  2. The IC APPLICATION FORM (Download here) should be answered completely and accurately. We require applicants to fill out all items (position, dates in the format of mm/dd/yyyy, etc.) or indicate N/A if item is not applicable in the application form. All information shall be treated with strictest confidentiality.

  3. Applications shall be accepted on or before the deadline set. Applications received beyond the deadline shall not be acted upon.

  4. The following documents must be uploaded together with your IC Application Form:

    1. Application Letter addressed to:

    2. Deputy Insurance Commissioner - Management Support Services 1071 United Nations Avenue, Manila 1000 Philippines
    3. Updated CV/Resume/Personal Data Sheet (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017) with passport-size photo
    4. Work Experience Sheet (Attachment to CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017, Download here)
    5. Transcript of Records and Diploma
    6. Certificates of Seminars/Training Programs Attended
    7. Certificate of Eligibility/Board Rating

    Incomplete application shall be excluded in the screening.

  5. The documents listed below should be on hand and ready once requested:

    1. Original copy for authentication: Transcript of Records, Diploma, Certificate of Seminars/Training Programs Attended and Certificate of Eligibility/ Board Rating
    2. Certificate/s of Employment with Duties & Responsibilities
    3. NSO copy of Birth Certificate and Marriage Contract (if applicable)
    4. NBI Clearance

For further inquiries, you may please contact the HUMAN RESOURCES (HR) at Telephone Numbers 5243548 / 5238461-70 local 106.

Please note that due to high volume of applications, we only contact applicants who are shortlisted for specific positions to take the pre-employment assessments (interview and examinations). Hence, a registered user is advised to select the best position where he/she is most qualified.

The Insurance Commission encourages all interested and qualified applicants including persons with disability (PWD), members of Indigenous Communities, and those from any Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities (SOGI) to send their applications.

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